Best WBCS Coaching Institute in Kolkata

To be a W.B.C.S officer is one of the most common ambitions of students in Kolkata. W.B.C.S is an acronym for West Bengal Civil Service. It is a competitive examination conducted by the Public Service Commission of West Bengal. The examination comes in three different phases, every year. These phases are:- Preliminary, Mains, and Personality Tests. Candidates recruited from W. B. C. S falls under four main group officers such as Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D. These groups include different positions or civil services.

W.B.C.S is undoubted, a reputed profession, and every fourth student wishes to be a W.B.C.S officer here. However, among these aspirants, only a few are able to achieve this goal. So, what makes them different from the other? What are their study routines? What are their strategies to crack this exam and how do they do that? Such questions often arise in our minds.

First of all, what makes them different is their fiery will-power. W.B.C.S examination is considered as one of the toughest competitive exams in Bengal. One must have a strong will to crack these exams. Because, one may find outside motivations, but it only works for a while, it fades, and then it becomes difficult for the student to continue preparing. However, continuous preparation and smart work are key to clear such exams. When one reads more, gain more knowledge and hence, more confident. So inner factors like will-power, determination, and discipline in oneself help in sticking to the goal.

Secondly, we must understand that one of the main things that makes difference, besides strong will, is the study guide. Useful and right guidance saves a lot of time. Sometimes, it also happens that when we start preparing for a competitive examination, we analyze the syllabus and make a study plan accordingly, however, as we proceed we find ourselves confused and drowned in the depths of topics which in turn wastes our precious time. And time is something that not a single W. B. C. S aspirant should waste. They must utilize their time productively in the right direction. So, we obviously, need proper guidance to avoid time wastage.

Before choosing and enrolling in an institute, one must surely ensure some criteria or qualities that an ideal coaching institute must possess such as the quality of the fee structure, infrastructure, faculty, study materials, etc. Few best institutions prepare students for W. B. C. S and other such competitive exams in Bengal like RICE, etc. But, these institutes demand high fees where lower-middle-class or lower-class students or poor students fail to enroll themselves in these institutes. However, Royal Academy is one of these best WBCS coaching center’s with, a friendly and affordable fee structure, provides proper training and guidance to success. It has a very organized infrastructure. It is a prestigious training centre and has always been one of the best institutes in West Bengal.

Royal Academy ( has helped many W. B. C. S aspirants to reach their career destinations. Many students are shy or hesitant to ask their lesson doubts or any query in a class full of many students so, to avoid this inconvenience, batches of these institutes consist of not more than twenty students. As a student, one may have faced difficulties in understanding lessons when study materials provided by some institutes are not in a proper and comprehended manner. In such a case, students either end up with confusing concepts or may simply lose interest in studies which ultimately diverts them from their goals. However, lesson guides or study materials of this institute are precisely put to feed high-quality knowledge and not to devastate students. The faculty of this institute are also very co-operative. They work hard enough to make their students capable and confident. Students of this coaching Institute are trained by the expert as some of the faculty are themselves W.B.C.S Group A officers. They share their first-hand experience as a W. B. C. S aspirants themselves, their successful study plan, hence they provide the best possible guidance to aspirants. The faculty also conduct Mock tests and interviews to prepare students and boost their confidence. There are many more plus points that make it different from others and prove that it is one of the best WBCS coaching centers in Kolkata.

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