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Why you enroll in Royal Academy?

WBCS is an acronym for West Bengal Civil Service. It is a competitive examination conducted by the Public Service Commission of West Bengal. This Bengal Government service is regarded as one of the most reputed professions.WBCS is the most desired government service and highly accepted profession. Wbcs officers are honoured and respected by society because it is an honorable job accompanied by great responsibilities.

Why we are different:

  1. Small batch , (maximum 20), personal level care
  2. Best study material in Anthopology optional. We have anthropology book in Bengali namely, “ANTHROPOLOGY: A BROAD OUTLINE”  by Shib Shankar Dutta which is now best selling book in Antropology.
  3. We provide best faculty and study mat in Anthropology in West Bengal.
  4. Most faculties are WBCS Gr. A officers which makes big difference with others.
  5. All faculties have long experience of guidance of WBCS.
  6. All mock interview are undertaken by trained,  experienced and reputed WBCS officers.

Best WBCS Coaching in Kolkata

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WBCS Royal Academy is the best WBCS Coaching in Kolkata and trusted name for Converting students dream into reality of WBCS. BEST GUIDANCE AND EASIEST STUDY MAT  IN ANTHROPOLOGY. WBCS Prelims, Mains & mock Interview 2022.

Admission opens for WBCS 2022 coaching online and offline classes. Contact WBCS Royal Academy to join us now.


Best study MAT and faculty in Anthropology optional. We have best selling Anthropology book in Bengali namely, “ANTHROPOLOGY: A BROAD OUTLINE” by Shib Shankar Dutta. Anthropology books for WBCS.

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